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Local Craft Beers

Brewers and beers are subject to change.

Lenny Boy Brewing Company

Leave it better than you found it.

Lenny Boy has grown uniquely in the Charlotte Craft Beer Scene. After starting with Kambuchas in Southend, Lenny Boy has expanded with the opening of their taproom in the Spring of 2014.

As North Carolina's only certified organic brewery, Lenny Boy is living up to it's motto while providing Charlottean's with some incredibly awesome Kambuchas, Wild Ales and organic beers.

CHARLOTTE, NC No Show Life in the South Johnny Rico Red
Unknown Brewing Co

Olde Mecklenburg Brewery Craft Beer

Olde Mecklenburg Brewery

The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery (OMB), located in the heart of south Charlotte, produces premium, all natural beer and delivers it fresh weekly to bars, restaurants and retailers in the region. OMB uses only the finest ingredients available worldwide and employs traditional, intensive brewing methods to transform them into world class beer that’s full-flavored yet amazingly refreshing. Although our methods are more costly, we think you’ll agree the results are worth it. Look for OMB on tap throughout the Charlotte region, in growler bottles at your local retailer or just come straight to the brewery and taste the difference.

CHARLOTTE, NC Copper Captain Jack Fruh Boch

Sugar Creek Brewing Co.

Bringing Belgian-inspired beer to the Carolinas and beyond,  Sugar Creek Brewing Company combines the watchful eye of a Trappist Monk with the technical precision of nuclear engineering to craft fresh, full-flavored  beers that are immensely satisfying and intensely drinkable.

Using unique combinations of aromatic yeast strains, domestic and imported hops and award-winning malt varietys, Sugar Creek infuses traditional recipes with modern tastes and techniques to create beer that nourishes both mind and body.

CHARLOTTE, NC Pale Ale Raspberry White Ale

Olde Mecklenburg Brewery Craft Beer

Three Spirits Brewery

At Three Spirits we make what I like to call "comfort" beers. Beers that are easy to drink, moderate in alcohol content, and high in flavor, just like your favorite "comfort" foods.

So why are the beers a bit hazy, like a typical wheat? We choose not to filter our beers. Filters are great, except that they don't just remove the bad components of beer; they also remove some of the good as they remove anything that does not fit through their screen threshold. At Three Spirits, we choose to use gravity as our only filter after the whirlpool. All of the beers are previously unfiltered homebrews that people loved. Therefore, we decided to keep that philosophy in the brewery and produce beers as close to their prototypes as possible. So again, what is that haze, flavor!

CHARLOTTE, NC Sweet Memories Southern Bliss Sweet Memories

D9 Brewing Company

Proudly brewing Fanatical Ales™ in North Carolina since 2013

A craft microbrewery with the purpose of brewing and sharing outstanding beer that unites people. First envisioned in July 2009 over a pot of boiling wort, our founders believed every person – and beer – has a story and decided to start a brewery where both could be shared.

At the D9 Brewing Company, we seek to inspire the community and promote the art of Craft Beer.

Our Taproom, in Cornelius NC (just north of Charlotte), is open 5 days a week. Every guest is treated to an experience where you can see, taste, learn and enjoy the process of brewing from start to finish in a brand new facility.

Cornelius, NC Battle Hymn Hakuna Matata
Lone Rider

BirdSong Craft Beer at the BeerMe Beer Festival

Bird Song Brewing Company

Birdsong was founded in 2011 with a quest for better beer and a 5-gallon soup kettle. Our vision is similar to many of our favorite craft brewing mentors who have inspired us to open our own brewery: we strive to brew flavorful, unfiltered, quality craft beers for distribution in the Charlotte, NC.

We are located in NoDa at 26th & North Davidson. Our goal is to create outstanding beer, to have a low impact on the environment, and to create personal relationships and ties to the local community.

Our inspiration comes from the popular and innovative styles of the West Coast brewers and is fueled by brewerr's passion and ability to construct unique yet sessionable recipes. We're excited to add to the growing craft beer movement in Charlotte and the Carolinas.

CHARLOTTE, NC Jalapeño Pale Ale Doin' Thyme

Ass Clown Brewing Company


We have a massive array of beer flavors, a 31 tap system. We push unique flavors and unique styles through our taps daily. We want you to try new beers! We also, always keep some beers that are true to style guidelines like our Amber, Brown, Pale, Blonde, and Porter for the not so courageous.

We aren't scared to be different.

Cornelius, NC 1 Eye Gose Pale Ale
Lone Rider

BirdSong Craft Beer at the BeerMe Beer Festival

The Unknown Brewing Co

At The Unknown Brewing Company we are more than just a name. A name does not mean you make good beer, and good beer does not have to have a name.

Our job is to stand out. We are the open road with no destination. We are your first kiss or your last time jumping out of an airplane,
or whatever your wildest adventure is. We are The Unknown.
So if you need us to have a name, make one up. If you make one up we prefer you call us something with adventure, or America, or dragons or something epic.

That would be awesome. All we know is that we are good people whose mission is to make really great beer and have fun doing it.
So our call to you………. Step into the Unknown.

CHARLOTTE, NC Over the Edge Pre-Game

Legion Brewing

Legion Brewing Company was born from the ethos that sharing good beer with friends is one of life's great pleasures. That spirit of culture is alive in our neighborhood home here in Plaza Midwood. Legion Brewing's goal is to be a constant uniting force of community and great beer here in Plaza Midwood and the greater Charlotte, NC area.

Our beer honors this standard as well; embracing our sense of place here in the Carolinas and the diversity and warmth and pride of home from this unique neighborhood. We are driven to push the boundaries of making innovative brews that taste of those influences. We do this using seasonally available, local Carolina and American ingredients in both traditional and innovative ways.

Charlotte, NC Freedom Park Sunny Day
Lone Rider

Regional Craft Beers

Highland Craft Beer @ BeerMe Beer Festival Charlotte

New Sarum Brewing Co

New Sarum Brewing Company  founded in early 2012 has been a successful nanobrewery past two years.  Born in the heart of Salisbury, New Sarum Brewing derives its name from the original settlement name of Salisbury’s Sister City “Old Sarum” England.  Our logo was created by combining the Old Sarum crest with the City of Salisbury crest, fashioning them together to create our own artistic reflection. 

 Our company is based on a basic principle, creating great craft beer.

Each recipe begins with a study of an individual style of beer, searching history for proved and tested methods of creating the foundation.  New Sarum uses this to find new ways of developing each beers' unique flavor. 

Salisbury, NC 142 Blonde Ale with Grits Old Stone House
  Roundhouse Robust High Rock Red
  Hurley Park Blood Orange

Appalachian Mountain Brewing

Appalachian Mountain Brewery focuses on building relationships with our community, sustainable business practices and supporting local non-profits.

We also really enjoy brewing great tasting award winning beers and ciders.

Boone, NC Boone Creek Smoky Mountain Schwartz
Lone Rider

Highland Craft Beer @ BeerMe Beer Festival Charlotte

Highland Brewing Company

Asheville's first (legal) brewery! To achieve our goals it takes great beer, made consistently, and more... It takes caring about how the beer is made, for the people involved, and for the beautiful area in which we live, brew, hike, paddle and pedal. Operating within these lines gives rise to a culture around a product. A culture that is sustainable for our employees, our customers and the environment.

ASHEVILLE, NC Saw - Whet Gaelic Oatmeal Porter St. Terese

Natty Greene's Brewing Co.

If you want the short story, it's simple:

We're here to create beers that delight beer lovers. We're committed to the craft of brewing, to the art and science of making beers that complement people's lives and turn everyday moments into exceptional experiences.

GREENSBORO, NC Mt. Mitchell Old Town Brown
Lone Rider

BigBoss Crafted Beer at BeerMe Beer Festival Charlotte

Big Boss Brewing Company

At Big Boss, we brew real beer. Beer for people who appreciate the fact that while different styles of beer taste, well, different, a well-made beer always satisfies. Big Boss is designed to be appreciated, but crafted to be enjoyed. It's a beer drinker's "housebrand" - always satisfying. Enjoy a pint when you're out, and keep a few in the fridge. Better yet, becomes "Friend of the Boss" by joining our email list or visiting us at our brewery and taproom in Raleigh, NC.

RALEIGH, NC High Roller Aces & Ates

Catawba Brewing Company

Western NC's only family owned/operated brewery is 15 years old. Now open in two locations: Asheville and Morganton, NC.

When Billy opened the box he said “what is it, a pickle jar?”.   Of course it was a carboy, the fermentation vessel of the homebrewer.  That Christmas in 1994 started the journey that would become Catawba Brewing Company.

Morganton, NC White Zombie Peanut Butter Jelly Time
Lone Rider

BirdSong Craft Beer at the BeerMe Beer Festival

White Street Brewing

White Street Brewing Co. is the first manufacturer to bring the robust flavor and variety of craft beer to Wake Forest. Our quality and commitment are equal to the big brewers, but with us you get small-town charm combined with an "everybody knows your name" atmosphere. Our historic downtown location is a gathering place for beer enthusiasts and novices alike. Come into our brewery and witness small-batch beer production at its best. Our taproom has a seat waiting and a pint or growler ready to pour.

We're always creating and tinkering with recipes and there's always something new brewing at White Street for you to enjoy in your favorite eating & drinking establishments, in our taproom or to take home.

Wake Forest, NC Kolsch Stout

SweetWater Brewing Co.

Co-founders Freddy Bensch and Kevin McNerney met as college roommates at the University of Colorado in Boulder. A passion for good beer led the duo to a local brewery, where they landed jobs washing kegs on the loading dock in exchange for free beer. Upon graduation, they decided to get serious about their thirst for brewing and headed to the American Brewers Guild in California (aka: "brewing school") where they obtained degrees in Fermentation Science. Bensch and McNerney took jobs brewing beer for various breweries throughout the West Coast, learning their craft while keeping alive the dream of one day starting their own brewery.

In the summer of 1996, Bensch came to Atlanta for the XXVI Summer Olympic Games. He discovered that the city, and the Southeast, were dry of West Coast-style aggressive, hoppy brews, and knew that he and McNerney were just the guys to remedy the situation. After scraping together just enough money, they opened their first brewery in West Atlanta. As they were building the brewery, Bensch, an avid outdoorsmen, sought relief from the Atlanta heat by kayaking down Sweetwater Creek. The name of the brewery became obvious, and its motto "Don't Float the Mainstream" became the guide. February 17, 1997 marked the official foundation of SweetWater Brewery, and a new style of brewing and selling beer in Atlanta.

SweetWater currently distributes its lip smackin' brews in 18 states plus DC. In 2015, the Brewer's Association ranked SweetWater as 18th largest craft brewery in the nation. SweetWater will open a brewery on the West Coast within the next two years; with equipment purchased, Bensch is currently vetting the best location to build.

Atlanta, GA 420 IPA Blue Hash Session
Lone Rider

BirdSong Craft Beer at the BeerMe Beer Festival

Hi Wire Brewing

At Hi-Wire, we strive to be as independent and authentic as possible, while maintaining an approachability to our beers.  Located in Downtown Asheville’s Brew District, Hi-Wire Brewing embraces its craft from top to bottom – from its highly drinkable, hand-crafted brews to its artwork, hand-drawn by a local artist.

Our light-hearted circus theme embodies the fun, authenticity, and creativity of this deep-rooted craft.  You can find our beers on draught and in bottles at North Carolina bars and restaurants as well as in our tasting room.  Or grab a 6-pack of bottles at area groceries, gas stations, convenience stores, and specialty beer/wine shops.

Hi-Wire features four approachable year-round “Main Attraction” beers – Prime Time Pale, Hi-Pitch IPA, Bed of Nails Brown, and Hi-Wire Lager – a rotating selection of seasonal offerings, as well as “Side Show Seasonals”, available exclusively at our tasting room.  Come visit us in our Downtown Asheville Tasting Room seven days a week.

ASHEVILLE, NC Dortmunder Export Pre-Prohibition Corn Lager

Wicked Weed Brewing

Craft beer is, by nature, an expression of the people.

Our belief in that drives us to make beer for the people. We strive to brew not only what the people want, but what will tantalize them to experience something new. We will always push to be better brewers, brew better beer, and inspire our patrons to fall in love with every pint. We are committed to letting the wildness of beer, the nonconformance of craft, and the conviction of creativity lead.

We are blessed to do something we love.

ASHEVILLE, NC Gluten Freak Infidel Porter
Lone Rider

BirdSong Craft Beer at the BeerMe Beer Festival

Nantahala Brewing

Welcome to the land of the noon day Sun. Located in the shadow of Great Smokey Mountains National Park, Nantahala Brewing artfully brews award-winning, craft beer made with fresh hops, whole grains and clean, crisp Smoky Mountain water, from one of the purest, protected watersheds on the planet.

Bryson City, NC Dirty Girl Noon Day

National Craft Beers


Goose Island Beer Company

When the first Goose Island Brewpub opened its doors in 1988, domestic, mass-produced beer was deeply ingrained in Midwestern culture. The craft beer industry was still in its infancy, with only a handful of brewpubs in existence in the Midwest.

The key to building interest in craft beer, Hall decided, was to allow consumers to watch the brewing process – while providing them with the then-novel experience of enjoying a wide variety of distinctive beers that had been produced on-site. Hall wanted to not only cater to his customers’ tastes, but to challenge them as well. Goose Island’s brewers set to work crafting a diverse selection of unique beers – and on Friday, May 13, 1988 the Goose Island Brewpub was born.

Goose Island continues to brew an innovative selection of over 50 craft beers at the brewpub, the best of which are then bottled and now enjoyed in all 50 states and Europe.

CHICAGO, IL 4 Star Pils Green Line

Southern Tier Brewing Co

Southern Tier Brewing Company is committed to providing delicious, accessible and unique products. In doing so, we aim to change the way people drink beer.

Our mission is to provide our customers with consistently fresh, clean, American craft ales and lagers that stand on their own merit.

A close look at our logo reveals a brewers star. It may be just one diminutive graphic, but it plays a huge role in our brewery. The star represents purity in six crucial facets of our work; water, hops, grain, malt, yeast and brewer. We believe that by maintaining the highest quality possible in these areas, we will produce world-class beverages.

Lakewood, NY    

Southern Tier Craft Brews

Southern Tier Craft Brews

Crazy Mountain Brewing



Want to know what’s crazy?

If we hadn't met over beers in a tasting room in San Francisco, we would still be working in highrises and struggling against the current of chaotic city life. Instead, we crafted a crazy brewery scheme and followed our hearts to Colorado where our lives are filled with passionate pursuits: brewing the finest craft beer, skiing Vail’s infinite Back Bowls, fishing clear mountain streams, hiking with our dogs…basically loving life in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Crazy Mountain Brewery is the Vail Valley’s first production brewery, but really it’s a declaration of freedom. We say crazy is, as crazy does, so drink up and live the life you want!

Edwards, Co    

Samuel Adams

The Boston Beer Company is America's leading brewer of handcrafted, full-flavored craft beers. Founder and Brewer, Jim Koch, brews Samuel Adams® craft beers using the time honored traditional four-vessel brewing process, and the world's finest all-natural ingredients. With over 30 distinctive, award-winning styles of craft beer, Samuel Adams offers discerning beer drinkers a variety of brews. The brewery has won more awards in international beer tasting competitions in the last five years than any other craft beer brewery in the world.

Boston, MA Summer Ale Rebel Grapefruit IPA Grapefruit Traveler

Southern Tier Craft Brews

Craft Ciders

Red Clay Ciderworks

Red Clay Ciderworks becam Charlotte's first cidery in July 2015. With the Craft Beer Movement alive and thriving in the Queen City, we're proud to add locally made hard cider to the mix.

Naturally gluten free, our distinct, dry ciders are made right here in Charlotte. Using fresh pressed juice from North Carolina apples ensures a product you can both enjoy and be proud of!

Charlotte, NC Queen City Common Cherry Bobbin Trolls
Stella Cidre


Bold Rock Cider


Building a new cider company from the ground up with a vision for hard cider to regain its rightful place as the #1 alcoholic beverage in America—that’s bold.

Using reclaimed materials in our new construction, giving apple pomace left after juicing to a local pig farmer, and raising money for the Rockfish Valley Foundation are some of the ways that we tread lightly.

Nellysford, VA IPA Carolina Apple

Noble Hard Cider

True to the Core

Noble is a leader in North Carolina craft hard cider, using Western North Carolina apples to create a variety of gluten free, dry to semi-dry hard ciders, made with no artificial flavors or ingredients. Look for our ciders throughout North Carolina and can be found on tap at Noble Cider’s own Taproom in Asheville North Carolina.

Hard cider was America’s first craft beverage. Founded in Beer City USA (Asheville) and NC Apple Country, Noble brings together a rich local history of agriculture, with this region’s exciting new craft beverage industry.

Asheville, NC Standard Bearer Village Tart Spice Merchant
Stella Cidre


Angry Orchard Cider

Our cider makers begin experimenting with hard cider and spent fifteen years perfecting (and enjoying!) their creations. In 2011, our cider makers decide it's time to bring their passion for cider to drinkers, introducing Angry Orchard Crisp Apple, Apple Ginger, and Traditional Dry ciders.

In 2012, our cider makers release Strawman and Iceman: the first styles of our cider house collection. These artisanal hard ciders are produced in small batches, using traditional cider making apples from Italy and France and are aged on oak.

In 2015, we establish a new home at an orchard in Walden, NY and open our Innovation Cider House.

Walden, NY Crisp Apple  

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